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French language facility and openness to learning Creole, the trade language, provides options for teaching and education in both formal and informal settings, but poverty often blocks the door to improved health even with awareness of better options.

Nurses Per 1000: 0.011Located on the western side of the southern cone of South America, Chile has more economic and political potential than nearly any other nation on the continent.

Finding statistics for a common year is a challenge, as is the reporting for nurses independently of other health workers, so sources for statistics may vary in their numbers.

Because less developed countries have less recent data available, in order for commonality in reporting time to be relevant, the most recent WHO data is used regardless of year.

Nursing shortages are often only part of social and cultural struggle worldwide, related to poverty, political instability, repressive regimes, religious intolerance, and racism.

As technology, science, social media, and world travel transform our world into an ever smaller global village, a conscious awareness of the day-to-day reality in unstable nations is crucial for global understanding at both a human and professional level.

One of the greatest dangers facing worldwide public health is the global nursing shortage that faces not only the Third World, but many major world powers as well.

Nurses are the first line of defense against widespread epidemics, and as the people who treat patients directly and daily, they are the most key components of any health care system.

Statistics for Nurse/Population ratio come from the WHO Global Health Observatory Data Repository.Some of the most crucial areas of speciality needed in the rest of the world are: Even if you are not planning to dedicate your life to preserving health in some distant nation, there is much that you can do as a working nurse or nursing student.Every BSN program requires clinicals and nursing internships, and many programs include the opportunity to study abroad to meet those requirements.In the US, we tend to think of nursing education as an opportunity for personal betterment, professionally and financially, but nursing education has much wider impact.The choice of a specialization, for instance, is not just a matter of personal preference; it can be part of meeting a worldwide need.

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