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For example G887013 is dated 1988 and was made by Terada. Starting in 1989 a new serial number format of YMMPPP was used for the Orville by Gibson guitars and Orville SG bass EB-3 guitars.For example G206135 is dated June 1992 and was made by Terada, J603523 is dated March 1996 and was made by Terada, 411264 is dated November 1994 and was made by Fuji-Gen.Orville is the first name of the Gibson corporation's founder Orville Gibson.When the Orville by Gibson series was launched in 1988, Gibson was also selling American-made Gibson guitars, Japanese-made Epiphone guitars, and Korean-made Epiphone guitars in Japan.When the (K) Orville guitars were released for retail sale between 19, Yamano Gakki applied a year dated (K) serial number sticker for warranty serial number tracking.The K serial number prefix letter stands for Kuramae which is where Yamano Gakki's wholesale division is located.

Gibson and Yamano Gakki ended their relationship in late 2006.

Fender and Gibson opened Japanese branch divisions to make guitars in Japan using the Fender/Squier or Gibson/Epiphone brand names for the Japanese market.

Fender established Fender Japan in 1982 and contracted Yamano Gakki to oversee the production and distribution of Fender Japan guitars in cooperation with Fender.

Fuji-Gen and Terada used different serial number formats (Orville by Gibson Terada decal box).

Terada used a G or J letter at the start of the serial number and Fuji-Gen used a serial number consisting of only numbers and no letters.

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