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Raisy was initially reluctant to talk to me—Orthodox communities tend to be wary of outsiders, and a good Crisis that has in recent years caused a panic throughout Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclaves in New York and New Jersey.The crisis stems from two factors: the rapid growth of the ultra-Orthodox and the marriage-age differential between men and women in their communities.If everyone reading Pravmir could donate 5 euros a month, they would contribute greatly to our ability to spread the word of Christ, Orthodoxy, life's purpose, family and society.middle-aged women gather in the basement office of a brick building in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood to assure the survival of ultra-Orthodox Judaism.After two years, he was forcing me to choose: stay with him and hope on very slim chances that, somewhere very far down the line, he would become Orthodox, or leave him and venture into the unknown, alone and without a plan.

A matchmaker—usually a woman, but men provide the service as well—finds a match and informs the parents on each side.

If all goes well, the matchmaker makes an introduction.

One chilly afternoon this fall, I met with one of the five Borough Park matchmakers—let’s call her Raisy—in her basement sanctum.

The result: Some women in every cohort pass unwed through their conventional prime marrying years.

This marital imbalance has been exacerbated by the overall growth of the community. (Among Hasidic Jews, men and women generally marry at the same age, so this problem has not affected them.), a family magazine, ran a lengthy feature in August on the subject—Title: “Crisis Control”—in which they called single ultra-Orthodox women a demographic cancer “that is metastasizing.” Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, a wealthy Orthodox businessman, went further, writing in suggested that female singles should consider surgical enhancements, like a nose job.

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