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Have you ever been to a restaurant and the foods the same but the menu looks a little different. You can bake a cake and cover it up with different types of icing…but underneath, it’s the same filling. I cannot repeat how many situations where both men and women have used that phrase “I meet a lot of players”. The length of time of the courtship depends on the patience of the person.

Usually the game starts with identifying the picture of their target. Of course I’m seeking a long-term relationship and I LOVE kids!

Do you have a professional photo of yourself, or is it an unflattering self photo of yourself standing in the bathroom?

And unfortunately ladies and gentleman, you will continue to see the same people over and over.if you are.YOU are one of them. Many singles I’ve spoken with have been dating online for YEARS!! If they are really bored or motivated.may actually check their profile once a week for 6 months and that’s making a real effort!

Sites such as POF “Plenty of Fish” have been paraphrased as “Plenty of Freaks” “Plenty of Duds” Plenty of Liars”.. Even sites who have the perception of being a highly personalized “matchmaking” service such as E-harmony and rarely deliver for some.

The following is a list of the top 10 most common complaints shared with me over the last 20yrs. In fact most online users initially create profiles just to “browse”. They share enough required information just to have a look-see.

Any woman whose the least bit attractive will be swarmed with emails ,winks, nudges and annoying messages to chat from the most incompatible men drawn to their profile only for their looks!

The game is over when the pursuer has taken what they wanted, or they’ve gotten bored and moved on.What remains is an online profile on the site; just a relic of someone existing at some point.New users on the site message profiles to a person who has abandoned their profile.They realize getting to a Prince will give you plenty of warts, a migraine, a few sleepless nights and many hours wasted filtering through all the “hey baby you’re hot” emails in search of a decent and genuine “normal” warm-blooded male.Next is the polar opposite of the swamped with emails dilemma.

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That just accounted for one wasted email, and perhaps 5 minutes of someone Else’s heart-felt pitch to meet face to face!

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