Office communicator 2016 status not updating

I recently started using Microsoft Communicator for a contract I am working on and wanted to customize it a bit.

One of the things I wanted to be able to change was the status that displayed to other people as the default statuses are fairly generic and in my case I wanted to display if I was on an important meeting, working on a project, or just deep in thought.

It is in our opinion a very strange behavior, because most e-mails rather on Microsoft Exchange servers are created so that the first letters of the name and the names are spelled with a capital letter.

In this case, at the time of implementation of all the Lync 2013 client, suddenly we had a lot of users unhappy with the operation of the new client.

The solution to the problem, and in fact the workaround recommended by Microsoft is, of course, change the SMTP primary address to lowercase letters.

We tried different ways to resolve this problem, and make Lync 2013 to automatically update status: reinstall the Lync 2013 client, removing all data from the directory: As it turned out, after a search we found KB2804472 article published by Microsoft on 01/17/2013, which solved the problem.

All you need to do is download an executable file from your Office 365 dashboard, run it, and wait a few moments. However, almost one year after the upgrades began, some issues are still not solved, and in fact, some—like the one described here—are actually a downgrade for paying customers. Many organizations rely on this application (once called Lync, and that was not the first name it used) for internal phone, chat and collaboration.

Skype for Business, although not without small perks, is truly a useful app—especially since it was bundled so well with Office 365.

We’ve read that primary SMTP address assigned to mailbox is causing problems, with status updates in Microsoft Lync 2013.

In this article you can read that: This problem may occur when the user’s primary SMTP address contains uppercase characters.

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Reading the relevant Tech Net article shows there is no mention of this issue either: Prepare to upgrade Office 365 Pro Plus to the Office 2016 version Searching for a solution on the web brings up a few results.

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