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The major drawback, however, is that it’s not compatible with AC technology.There’s a lot you can do with your home internet besides browsing the web, streaming tv and gaming.For most people, however, Google Wi Fi works like a charm.If you’re on a limited budget and can’t afford a mesh system or multiple routers in your home, another option to extend your Wi Fi range is to use a Wi Fi extender. NETGEAR N300 | Securifi This router does it all; it’s insane.The touchscreen allows for a quick and painless installation.We recommend this as one of the best wireless routers only if your needs are small, but it makes an excellent extender.Not only is it the first mesh system to offer tri-band technology, NETGEAR Orbi also optimizes the signal with your home ISP for top-notch performance.

This system allows you to place Wi Fi satellite devices (called points) throughout your home to maximize your Wi Fi range.

Google Wi Fi does have its limitations if you like control over your hardware.

You can’t choose your band or customize your firmware, and this system doesn’t support VPN.

The 3-pack covers 4,500 square feet, and each individual pod covers 1,500 feet.

You can purchase a single point for smaller spaces.

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