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When I got a little older (25), I started taking life more seriously, and 15 years after that, I regret absolutely nothing.

Without discussing intentions, i don't think it's unreasonable to talk to other people or go on dates. On the plus, she was open about the date and expressed remorse, and beyond that stated that it also helped to see that she really likes you.Sure a lot of people might say "but if she knew she liked you she wouldn't need to go on another date".Maybe, but also there's the other side that is "but if she knew this was potentially serious, she wouldn't have been interested in seeing what else is out there".Talking to TWO different men who neither have established a monogamous relationship? Let's say they've been seeing each other a few times week for nearly a year. According to the "paradox of choice", non-exclusive dating can leave one unattached for years. I went out on a date with another guy, I would have had the "where are we" conversation. If not, which it appears it would have been, then you cancel the date.They still haven't discussed exclusivity, because he assumed it, and she's still seeing other people. So I'm actually usually the type of person who says "idk this sounds sketchy" but Honestly... I personally only date one person at a time but this situation is really not that bad. I dated women (met on e Harmony) one at a time in succession. This mess does not rest solely on OP's shoulders, it rests equally between them.

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