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Is Valid returns true and you will be shown Completed view as shown in fig.I hope you will enjoy the tricks while programming with MVC Razor.When your Contact object is being model-bound, we will automatically run validation. NET MVC 1.0 as well, though we didn't have a pluggable validation system so most people weren't even aware that we had any validation support.The Default Model Binder class had validation hooks as well as built-in support for IData Error Info for validation.In this case server-side validation must required to protect our data from dirty input.In MVC Razor, we can validate a model server side by below two ways: Afer running the project and navigating to Explicit Server page you will get the below page. If the value is not included in the method then the validator will fail and return false.The idea of creating validators is make them reusable between several models.

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NET MVC 2 in regards to way that validation is handled.

The conversation was kick-started by my blog post about the Required attribute and what it does (and does not) mean.

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If the received data is valid then we do the further processing with the data.

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