Modern fossil dating techniques

They were shaped in a unique way called the Levallois technique, where stones were flaked around the edges to achieve a sophisticated point used in hunting.The discovery of the tools along with the fossil in this location is the earliest known association between the two in the region.

"There have been previous suggestions of a possible earlier migration, relying on both archaeological sites and ancient DNA studies, but now we have an actual human fossil that proves it." Three different dating techniques were used to confirm the fossil's age and classify it as Homo sapien, rather than Neanderthal or some other early human ancestor.

The Qafzeh/Skhul hominins are not the earliest modern human outside Africa as previously thought.

Actually, they were not migrants at all, but rather descendants of the Misliya people." The discovery of modern humans outside of Africa earlier than expected has implications concerning evolution.

The features of the jaw and teeth are unmistakably human, the researchers said.

Stone tools recovered at the site further confirm the age and technology being used by these modern humans.

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