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And for those who are deployed, it's a great way to keep looking for love and keep in touch.

Whatever your needs when it comes to dating in the military, we are the site who are here you meet your needs as you meet your match.

But there are many ways that online dating has completely changed the field, and military singles as well as interested civilians now have more and better options to make dating a success.

Not only can servicemen and women meet each other and civilians from across the globe, but with sites like Active Duty, they can get to know each other or stay in touch from anywhere in the world.

Making time to get to know each other can now happen from anywhere with an internet connection, easily and instantaneously.

Talk to your fellow military members even when you're in different parts of the world, stay in touch with your civilian partner while they await you back in the states, or accommodate any possible combination of geographic situations.

As soon as she gets back home, we're getting married, and I'm so happy!

Service With ASmile_00I've got an amazing girl back home, and it's all thanks to Active Duty Dating.

Tell each other about the fascinating places you’re at, and keep the best parts of uniform dating as you leave behind one of the most difficult and frustration aspects.

Never thought I'd try online dating but it's not like there's a ton of options out there, right?

We met on the site after I was deployed and in person a since then, and man, I'm so happy.

With your profile ready to go, you can start using the many site features to look through the huge database of members around the world.

Whether you're military or a civilian, this site makes it simple!

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