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He has predicted that civilization will end because people are on their cellphones too often and will be too distracted to procreate.

And he has waxed poetic about the country's obsession with the Kardashians.

Just a month after passing the record for most wins, Leach was suspended and then fired after allegations he mistreated a player.

No charges were ever filed against Coach Leach, and 8 years later, he still hasn’t been paid more than million dollars from his contract with the University.

Through nine days of fall camp at Sacajawea Junior High School in Lewiston, Idaho, Leach has yet to offer a one-liner that draws national headlines for being bizarre. For reasons good or bad, Leach has made a habit of drawing attention to college football's most distant outposts, whether it's Pullman or Lubbock, Texas.

Some of Leach's most notable quips came when he rose to national prominence during 10 seasons at Texas Tech.

He said last year that quarterback Luke Falk should win the Heisman after Falk threw for 4,561 yards, 38 touchdowns (a school record) and eight interceptions. "There was a time when the Heisman went to the guy who had the biggest impact and effect on their team, and if that was the case, he probably would have won it last year or should have," Leach said.

"I keep my guns on one part of the house totally locked up, and I keep the ammunition in another part of the house.

He is a quote machine whether he's snapping at a beat reporter or going on a tangent that makes sense to only him.

Oh, and he's led a moribund program back to respectability after four seasons, highlighted by last-year's nine-win campaign that ended with a win over Miami in the Sun Bowl. His grumpiness still rubs some of WSU's fan base the wrong way.

When Mike Leach chooses to offer his opinion, he rarely holds back.

Since Washington State hired Leach in December 2011 following the coach's two-year hiatus in Key West, Florida, Leach has weighed in on everything from gun control, to his affection for GOP nominee Donald Trump, to Geronimo, the famous Apache warrior.

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Here are 13 humorous clips from Leach, whose 19th-ranked Cougars (8-2) visit Utah (4-4) this Saturday: Pirates vs.

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