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As always, send your worst dates [email protected] Watch the throne: This week in Kimmy's quest for connection with humans other than her exes, she and BFF Liza recap TWO whole dates, talk about how f*cking hard it is to maintain the line between friend and feelings, and alliterate so hard (mf wanna...This week, Kimmy and Liza recap Date 18, which happens to be a date with Kimmy's ex because Kimmy's a champ like that. It's almost VALENTINE' S DAY so naturally, Kimmy and Liza decide the theme must be SELF-LOVE. This week, Kimmy and Liza talk REJECTION, date number 16, and listen to the best worst first date that's ever been submitted/recorded by Steve Dool, writer/editor/contributor at GQ, T Magazine, Complex, CNN Style, and more. With LUCIE FINK, producer and lifestyle host at Refinery29. In this week's episode, Kimmy and Liza talk about date Number Seven, the right way to bail on someone, and then Liza sets up a "Coffee Meets Bagel" profile for Kimmy live on air. (Whoever counts how many times Kimmy and Liza say "balls"...

This week, Kimmy and Liza recap Kimmy's date with her old camp counselor to the Acrimony premiere in New York. They also talk about what to do if you're on a super awkward date, and Liza finally shares her worst first date. This week actor LYRIQ BENT (Tyler Perry' Acrimony, Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It) joins Kimmy and Liza to talk about forgiveness... This week ALEXI WASSER, host of the "Love, Alexi" podcast joins Kimmy and Liza to talk about date Number 22 and how it is going to be featured in Time Out New York's "Undateables" section. The women talk blind dates, trying out Tinder for the... Date Number 11 also leaves a "first impressions" post-date...

BFFs Kimmy Foskett and Liza Renzulli are doing a 51 date project.

Each week, Kimmy goes on a new date that Liza helps plan for her.

Then, Liza picks out date Number Three for Kimmy to go on.

The women also discuss the very light topic of fear in relationships, a Snapchat snafu, and being...

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