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A potentiometer is a useful device, because by just simply adjusting it, it can be used to represent a wide range of resistances in a circuit from anywhere near 0Ω to the specified resistance rating of the potentiometer.

Therefore, for example, a 10KΩ potentiometer can be adjusted to give the resistance range from almost 0Ω to 10KΩ by adjusting the potentiometer knob. The only way to adjust resistance values would be to physically take out the fixed resistor in the circuit and replace it with a fixed resistor of the desired value.

This can be used in circuits to control volume levels such as on speakers.

If the values are not equal, the pot is an log taper.

These pots are extensively used in audio electronics and hence are also called audio pots.

When we rotate the shaft of the potentiometer, we actually rotate the metallic wiper attached to it and hence change the resistance. The relation between the position of wiper and the resistance is called the taper of the potentiometer.

In other words taper decides how the resistance will vary when we turn the pot.

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The reason for their wide use in audio electronics especially in volume control owes to the perception of loudness by human ears.

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