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Where most rom-coms would turn to a meet-cute, CM turns to a bald-face lie: Lacey's character pretends to be Christian in order to meet a cute, somewhat bland guy on Christian

She then goes through the steps of rom-com plot progression: meeting, falling in love, seeing him in a non-city setting (in this case, a church), revealing her dark side, and winning him back at the last second. Christian "opens her eyes" in the trailer, it's fairly clear that she finds faith through a man.

She captioned the photo, saying the past two and a half years had been a privilege to be a mother.

She also thanked God for entrusting her daughter, Julia, to her care.

Lacey started her acting career from portraying Young Cosette in the ‘Broadway’ production of ‘Les Misérables.’ Her big screen debut came in the late 1990s as Penny Robinson in the fantasy-space thriller ‘Lacey Chabert net worth " data-medium-file="https://i2com/

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But the twist ending to this otherwise-cliche chick flick is that Lacey's character finds... Beyond the obvious problem that individual beliefs probably shouldn't be passed down from romantic partners, this actually seems like a sweet way for Lacey to show her rarely-discussed religion.

The all-new movie is expected to premiere in 2020 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.Victor Webster (“Summer Villa") plays Kyle Cooper, a by-the-book detective who isn’t thrilled that Angie is launching her own investigation.Much to his chagrin, he can’t help but admit when she’s unearthed valuable information that helps move the case forward.Remember, she married her still-unnamed husband in a completely secret ceremony back in January, after attending Kaley Cuoco's equally-secret wedding.But now Lacey seems to have taken a bigger step in making her spirituality public by starring in a movie that begins by mocking Christian Mingle, but later touts "something greater" than finding love on the internet.

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