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It's a rugged land ( over 80% is mountainous ) inhabited by a hardy people.It's recent history has been one of revolutions,pogroms and ethnic violence resulting in minorities being burned out of their homes and forced to flee as refugees.Kyrgyz girls eyes – shining, eyebrows – burning hair – long!But the main advantage of the Kyrgyz beauties is a special inner beauty, gentleness of character, patience, gentleness and generosity.

Introduction: Kyrgyzstan is the wild East of the FSU. If you like things to be orderly and safe then it won't be for you.

Full price when there is no sale on is about 620 Pounds return.

Aeroflot fly in via Moscow for just under 400 Pounds return.

I decided to go Central Asia purely because the name just conjures images of ancient silk roads,vast deserts,remote mountain ranges and despotic leaders.

I decided on Bishkek because I found some cheap Russian classes there,really cheap and the visa was the easiest of the 5 republics to get. I spent a couple of winter months there studying Russian by day and going out at night meeting women.

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