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Namibia’s many prudent macroeconomic policies have resulted in robust economic growth.Experts project real GDP growth at 4.3 percent in 2014.The government is struggling to achieve monetary and fiscal discipline in order to ensure economic growth and redistribution of wealth.Kenya’s human rights environment faced serious challenges in 2015 as the security crisis escalated.At least 28 bills necessary to implement the 2010 constitution had not been passed by the five-year deadline on August 27.The constitution was negotiated after the 2007-2008 post-election violence as key in addressing past injustices.

There has not been any progress on investigations by Kenyan authorities into the late 2014 disappearance and death of Meshack Yebei, who was claimed as a witness by Ruto’s defense team.

Victims in the Kenyatta case are seeking to challenge the prosecution’s decision to suspend investigations.

Both sets of Kenyan cases at the ICC have been dogged by claims of witness tampering.

The High Court in February struck down eight potentially repressive clauses as unconstitutional.

However, other provisions were left intact, such as allowing pretrial detention of terrorism suspects for up to 90 days with court orders.

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