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At Kiev Yaropolk was prince; at Ovrucha, the center of the Drevlyani lands, was Oleg; at Novgorod was Vladimir.In his first years as prince, we see Vladimir as a fierce pagan.Having subdued an uprising of the Drevlyani and conquered their cities, Princess Olga gave orders to execute Prince Mal for his attempt to marry her after he murdered her husband Igor, and she took to herself Mal’s children, Dobrynya and Malusha.

His mother, Malusha ( 1001) was the daughter of Malk Liubechanin, whom historians identify with Mal, prince of the Drevlyani.The “capable girl” Malusha became a Christian (together with Great Princess Olga at Constantinople), but she preserved in herself a bit of the mysterious darkness of the pagan Drevlyani forests.Thus she fell in love with the austere warrior Svyatoslav, who against the will of his mother Olga made her his wife.At the same time the emperor Otto the Great was seeking the hand of Anna for his son, and he was refused.However, in Vladimir’s case Constantinople was obliged to consent.

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