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As regards the former, the JDK 1.2 versions of the JDBC drivers are fully compliant with JDBC 2.0.The implementation is by means of the interfaces in the standard package included in the file classes12I'm creating an application which enables a user to view client data stored in a mysql database.A servlet takes in username/login and if correct user is taken to jsp that displays the first record - user can then select next, user will then be taken to another jsp displaying next record, and on this jsp user can then view next or previous records.

Java programs with database access can be written and deployed as an application or as a Web-based applet.

From an Oracle 8i perspective it provides a way for Java applications to call SQL and PL/SQL.

In other words it is a way to execute SQL statements and also call stored database procedures.

But user should also be able to update the client data shown to user, but I do not really know how to go about this and wondered if anyone could give some advice.

Use JDBC to access a relational database from a Java application, no matter where the application is running or where the database is.

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JDBC consists of a high-level "thin" API and multiple low-level drivers for connecting to different databases.

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