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* Username field on the registration page can be set to check the availability using ajax.

* Improved the pages creation page: zones can be moved around using drag and drop functionality.

* Custom fields of types Drop down (multiple select) and Checkboxes can be set their SQL query operand (OR/AND).* Added option in the backend (enable/disable) to first sort the results of the search by the membership order and then by the user's selected criteria.* Implemented an Infobar (uses the Love Factory plugin) to show information about new messages, interactions or pending friendship requests.User A won't be affected by the change, as the membership was saved and it will be applied for the remaining six months. Go to backend, Backup and Restore, Backup tab, set Include settings to Yes if you want to save the current settings and Include photos' name to Yes if you want to save the photos (please take note that the photo files are not backed up, you will have to manually backup the photos folder to another location, and after the update, move it back). Also, if a user buys a membership for unlimited time, then this membership will be used if no other membership is active.

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This Joomla Extension allows users to interact in the same way they are used on larger dating sites, and allowing you to enjoy the full power of Joomla.

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