Itemupdating event fires twice

Is there a difference between a workflow which fires the event, or a user who fires the event?You can add hidden field to the list which is always sets by workflow (and only by workflow).When I move this form to hosting under MOSS Forms Server, the same combo's sort order is not the same.Anybody having the same issues or have solutions It would seem after a fair bit of investigation that for Info Path client hosting, the sort order comes from the sort order of the Share Point list.The first time the Item Updating and Item Updated events fire it is in response to the document properties changing.

If you were to check the document out and edit the properties on the document, you would see the Item Updating and Item Updated events fire once.

Then you will see if workflow called the event receiver.

I have set up a data source inside MOSS to be used within an Info Path 2007 form hosted in MOSS Forms Server.

On the other lists (without any workflows) my receiver is working fine.

How can I find out if a workflow called my event receiver?

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