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Somehow, the love they once shared saw them rekindle the flame in October 2012 but it wasn’t meant to be after all and in March 2013, it was all over again and this time, it seems there’s no flame left to lead them back to each other.Obviously, this was the result of a flirty moment the singer had.Now Barnes is saying that Riri’s claim is simply untrue.When he saw the post and hashtags from Rihanna, Matt Barnes told Jim Rome that he simply smiled because he knew he was in a he-said-she-said situation.“In life in general, there’s no need (to lie). My upbringing just doesn’t allow me to have that kind of stuff in it.

Blame it on the numerous collaborations and the chemistry between them which is totally insane, these two surely look good together, however, they never acknowledged anything happened between them but never denied the attraction though.

Life, sports whatever it is I’m just about the truth.

I’m always going to be me, even if you know sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble.

She was spotted kissing the handsome American actor and even confessed to having fallen for him but the romance just couldn’t survive for long. Rihanna and the Dodgers baseball player had us speculating until they finally confirmed they were dating.

There was less drama in their romance which may or may not have anything to do with the fact that Matt is not exactly in the showbiz circle.

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Now that Rihanna is hanging out with her new prince charming, Drake is kind of toast on Twitter with trolls taunting him. The Saudi hunk is the Toyota heir named Hassan Jameel whose family reserves the sole right to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia.

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