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When you're a baseball player and you get mentioned in a song, you're practically obligated to use it as your walk-up theme. When Beyonce released "Deja Vu" as a single in 2006, Pierre noticed that Jay-Z gave him a shoutout in his lyrics. After all, if any other ballplayer was mentioned in a song, I'd imagine they would use it too.

With a nickname like "Pure Rage," you would expect Chris Perez to have a fairly extreme walk-up song for the times that he closes. It's not the first song you think of when you think of walk-up music, but it fits Perez very well and can certainly get a crowd going.

He beings that mentality to his entrance theme, Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock." The song would fit anyone as a great entrance theme piece.

I would imagine that was precisely the feel Teixeira was going for.

Jared Burton's not a household name, but during his time with the Cincinnati Reds, this theme certainly got people's attention.

Hopefully he'll bring it with him to the Minnesota Twins, who he'll be pitching for this coming season.

A player's walk-up song, whether it's heading to the mound or the batter's box, can tell a lot about a player.

Instead, the song is "Luxury Tax" by Rick Ross, featuring lyrics by Lil Wayne.

Does Prodigy's 'Firestarter' match Perez's mentality? Lance Berkman has found his touch again with the St. Having a song that fits him certainly helps matters.

Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down" is definitely not the type of song you would expect a power hitter to come out to at first glance, but the way that Johnny Cash plays this makes it work, at least for Berkman.

Takashi Saito occasionally uses this theme as well.

Mark Teixeira has established himself as one of the most well-rounded first baseman in the game, putting a lot of substance in both his offense and defense.

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Yes, Disturbed's "Down With The Sickness" is a great theme in and of itself, but it goes past that.

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