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This is made more evident in Palermo, who makes a striking debut.

She looks like a young Divina Valencia but with less attitude and more soul.

The cameraman also seemed to be drunk as each frame has no steady bearing.

Though I know this is the vogue among filmmakers, I was initially put off by this.

But, can also be a tool that would mean the salvation of others.

The character uses his sexual appeal and business cunning to manipulate his "talents." His father, the late great George Estregan, would have been proud.I was also put off with the ending, which seemed too abrupt and open-ended for its own sake.But then, the pluses, in this case, outweigh these However she is soon in the clutches of a smooth cybercafe owner who introduces her to Web Diva. Joanna soon becomes their big money-maker, all the while starting up a tentative affair with Spike, a misguided hacker.I was pleasantly surprised that a director finally tackled the burgeoning subculture of local pornography on the Net. A Fil-Am girl (Palermo) escapes the consequences of her State-side abortion by going back to her home country.

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When it is dark, the scenes become brooding and unyielding.

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