Implied in fact contract and dating

In the employment law context, an implied contract typically means an agreement by the employer not to terminate the employee from his/her job without good cause.

Under California employment law, the default assumption for employees who do not have an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement is that the employer may fire him/her at any time, regardless of whether there is a good reason for doing so.

An implied employment contract is an exception to the rule of at-will employment in California.

But an implied employment contract is an exception to the rule of at-will employment.

(Other exceptions include wrongful termination in violation of public policy.) If you can show that your employer's past conduct created an implied contract not to terminate employment except for good cause, then you can sue the employer for wrongful termination if you lose your job in a way that violates the terms of that contract.

An implied contract is created by your employer's conduct--that is, its behavior.

Thus, the way to prove an implied contract exists between you and your employer is through evidence of the employer's conduct.: Chris is a skilled mechanic who works for an auto repair shop that focuses on luxury cars. But his employer does have a written "employee handbook" that lists several reasons why employment may be terminated (including improper behavior at work or unsatisfactory job performance).

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