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George Santo Pietro, a restaurateur, caught the peoples eye when he married famous TV personality, Vanna White. He owned a trendy Italian restaurant in Bel-Air, California in hidden Hollywood strip mall near Mulholland Drive called .

For wiki facts, his restaurant was the famous place for the Hollywood celebrities in the 80s; a secret hangout.

Chiara Santo Pietro, born in 2007, is the daughter of George and his second wife Melissa.Vanna went through a massive public miscarriage in 1992, where Pietro supported her with everything he can.However, the marital relationship between them couldn’t last long and both of them moved on towards their own ways in 2002.The house - with 30,000 square feet plus nine bedrooms and 15 bathrooms - was sold in ,000,000.Years later, he sold his another mansion for .6 million.

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But sadly, Vanna's fiance John Gibson died in a plane crash in 1986 and George accompanied Vanna in the dark time. Even, when his wife underwent miscarriage in 1992, he supported her with everything he could and stood beside her.

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