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The other George gives Manny the first George's number, and Manny calls, where as George hangs up, upset of the fact Manny left him and Benny. As soon as Manny insults Benny, George punches him in the face.A month later, the police show up at George's work, and arrest him.Rather than being a complete dick, Manny has shown sympathetic moments who lived full of fear and guilt of leaving George behind with his ex-wife, Benny.Originally, after George found out Manny was alive, it was assumed Manny never gave George any support, only to figure out he left behind his own fathers golden watch that would be worth a fortune by the time he was an adult.

It is likely Manny named his second son George after his guilt of leaving his first son George.With the letter, Manny has also sent an expenside golden watch which he wrote that his own father, George's grandfather, once gave him, which George angrily smashes, at the time not realizing that the watch was gold and highly valuable, until Benny told him, after the fact, telling George, in mentioning the watch, "At least you got one thing from that bastard! Ahora puedes ver nuestra lista y fotos de chicas que están en su área y satisfacer sus preferencias.It provides latest announcement and news about DVD and Blu-Ray release dates.You can also be notified when films currently in theaters and upcoming TV-on-DVD releases announced.

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He and Angie begin searching for Manny, in hope to find him.

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