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There, you have an array of options to choose from.The "Hide profile" option allows you to keep your account active while, at the same time, keep others from viewing it.

How much does a subscription cost in dollars and cents? Where can I get dating advice to make my dating experience more successful? Q: Does it cost anything to be a member of Geek 2 geek?

Using either option will protect your privacy from others seeing your profile information.

back to top Q: How do I reinstate my account If you previously set your account to "Is Hidden" (on your account page), simply un-check that box.

On the account settings page, re-check the "Is active" box and submit and your account is active again.

If your account has been deleted, and you believe it was done in error, contact us to review your account so that we can determine the appropriate action to take.

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  1. Looks are not important,its the person inside that matters. I'm serving the US Army and currently on a deployment in Kabul Afghanistan for a peace making mission.... I liked your profile and photo and I want to know you better, but now I have to leave for patrol..