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Met meer dan 20 jaar ervaring op dit gebied, Elgin biedt eenvoudige tips die niet overdreven of overweldigend.Sociale Clout: 742 volgers URL: BESTE VAN Opscheppen: Humor Auteur, politiek activist en journalist, Kathy Belge, is co-auteur van de awesomely naam gids, “Lipstick & Dipstick.” Ze is ook een regelmatig bijdragen aan Curve Magazine, de “Guide” om alle dingen lesbische op en auteur van “Queer.I typically walk at a pace of 0.4 miles per hour, which is slow enough to allow me to type and focus."Kathleen Hale believes so strongly in standing desks and treadmill desks, she has made them her business."I used to be a desk jockey, spending hours sitting at my desk. I actually looked forward to getting to work in the morning."After five years of just sitting at a desk day and night while growing my business, I knew my health was suffering," Malia says."I decided it would be an easy way for me to get more physical through my long workdays."Malia created her own desk by purchasing a tabletop and legs at a restaurant supply store and having a welder cut the legs to the perfect height and then assemble the desk."My standing desk has me moving more, period," Malia says.Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices.

She admits when she first heard about treadmill desks, she was a skeptic, but she fashioned one and gave it a try."To my surprise, I fell in love," Hale says. While standing desks and treadmill desks may seem to be trendy, Rosalie Robinson, partner at Consilium Consulting Group in Dallas, says the momentum toward them has been building in the past few years."In the last company I left, we had a waiting list for use of the treadmill workstations," Robinson says.

The movement to stand on the job has been fueled by a TED talk by author Nilofer Merchant, who called "sitting the new smoking." She encourages business meetings that combine walking and talking instead of sitting and talking to combat the physical inactivity that puts us at risk for illness and disease.

Mary Gorham Malia, CEO and founder of Gay Girl Dating Coach, made the switch to a standing desk about 18 months ago and loves it.

Matchmaking diensten, how-to boeken, interactieve radio shows en real-life verhalen: Dit zijn enkele van de tools die onze 10 Beste Lesbian Dating Bloggers gebruiken om daters als u te helpen vinden wat u zoekt.

De wereld van lesbische dating zou niet hetzelfde zijn zonder deze vrouwen zijn.

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