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Of course, this is not just a Calgary thing, but this city's tendency to promote a certain veneer of stereotypical manhood can put the question of men's motivations into particularly sharp focus."I feel like guys in Calgary, they are such city guys trying to be the best, trying to get ahead, trying to experience everything because you only live once, that I feel like there's pressure on to be this imaginary stud thing," said Stewart.Conference manager Janel Snider, 35, had similar misgivings about the dominant strain of Calgary dude she encounters.But what really stood out was the way those meetings progressed in a respectful, timely, and appropriate manner into actual dates.You know, outings with a stranger where you both put on clean clothes, put your best foot forward and courageously acknowledge you are hoping to find romance. For those who haven't spent time in lotus land, the chief complaints from straight-leaning women are that men seldom make a move or pick up on flirtations.We want someone who understands that feminism and masculinity are not mutually exclusive.It is possible to be the kind of guy who can talk about his feelings, cook dinner and look after kids and also love hockey, ride ATVs, go hunting (or whatever) and hold the door and ravish us in bed."And of course it's always done in connection with what we call 'emphasized femininity,'" she explained.

Instead, Vancouverites often "hang out" with their new friends for months, or even years, in undefined relationships aimed at lowering the emotional stakes but invariably leading to mismatched expectations and hurt feelings.And, in this city at least, that often means relying on some traditional gender roles that could be considered either charming or outdated, depending on your perspective.Partly because it seems like a throwback to the stifling gender norms women — and men — throughout the developed world have been vehemently working to dismantle in the wake of #Me Too; and partly because I found I really liked this old-fashioned expression of courtship.That's the corresponding standard for the opposite sex, think the classic dichotomy of the macho hockey player and the scantily clad "ice girl."The relatively small size of Calgary's population means it has fewer influences than larger cities to broaden those narrowly defined gender norms, Peters added.And while the traditional values associated with this cowboy culture have their upsides — for instance the graciousness embodied by the city's White Hat rituals, or the way some guys will still ask you to two-step — there are downsides too.

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That's why she urges all her clients to look past first impressions and give their dates a chance to reveal hidden depths.

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