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Trad Bit is ERC20 standard smart contract Ethereum token build on solidity, that is business, investment & of course trading friendly, catering exclusively to the need of investors & traders in the fields of technology and decentralization.We provide an enabling environment for smart contracts that is fully functional, safe, stable & standardized.​ Trad Bit is created with the intention to facilitate investors & traders for performance of a best profits/trading experience.The platform uses block chain technology to create smart App, which integrates consumption, games, pets and foreign exchange hedging.It realizes the circulation and docking of Bole tokens with mainstream currencies and provides users with trading services including currency trading, currency trading and other derivatives based on tokens.We have handpicked collection of health, dating and life style articles for you to improve your life. If you want to look at smiley people all the time, you can use our greatest tool and that is our webcam chatrooms.

First we are working on it to make TBT a active token on exchanges by trading.

In the world where everything tends to be digitalized, meanwhile some institutions and sectors of the world still uses a means that consumes time and money for any kind of transactions.

Ethereum Vert team aims to put an or disrupt the existing mode of payment which requires much legal paper works and to implement our token as a primary means of money transactions which would be easy,faster and reliable through the Ethereum smart contract technology.

Whenever $NUK is transferred, 1.0% of the amount is burned and 1.0% is stacked to be distributed each month to the TOP100 Token holders.

NUKlear is based on the design of the common self-destructing tokens but with a new and further characteristic: Dividend Distribution!

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