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And for free, the brothel's guests can become immortalized on film, for better or worse.

Every room in the brothel has several cameras that are always on, and are constantly monitored by a central control room with dozens of monitors and technicians.

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We had thought reality TV couldn't sink any lower, couldn't get any sleazier... While shows such as "Big Brother" show humanity at its worst, with jealousy, pettiness, and rudeness being the norm, a new type of reality programming has popped up in Prague: Big Sister.

Under each table you will find a tablet with the info about the girls that are working that nigh! But if it does, I'm jumping on the first flight to Prague! What an excellent idea, having appeared in a soft-porn movie myself and having enjoyed the fun experience with like minded free-thinking people, I know what I'll be doing when I am next in Prague.

During all the time that we were drinking at the table always the pole was busy with one of the girls! Awesome concept anyway, there should be more places like this. Check out their website darling, I dont know how the application and interview process goes, but ehrrrm, I'm sure it wouldnt be too hard to get a job there. Reply Sorry i'll speak Italian..bad words Ieri sera ho visto il programma "Le Iene" ed ho conosciuto la bellissima idea per andare a fare sesso spendendo circa 20 euro per ingresso-consumazione.

The best time to visit a private is probably on a weekday before lunch, or poosibly on the early afternoon.

Yes, count on the city with a Sex Machines Museum to invent the first reality pornography!

If the reality TV revolution brought us the concept of watching ordinary people instead of actors and celebrities, the concept of reality porn just takes that further; for 30 Euros a month, one can watch ordinary people instead of porn stars!

Privates and their approximate locations (true locations revealed while calling) can be found on or in the local paper's sex ads. Other important information is from International Sex Guide's Prague section, and your own personal experience and intuition.

Stay away from ads with very low price or professional photos where the girls are showing the face. You can almost for certain see if a girl is attractice by looking at her body, posture and hair style. The private scene is fast changing and girls are also moving around and/or working for several establishments. The language problem may be an obstacle, but when you find a girl with sufficent english it may get really interesting.

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