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In den meisten Apps sollten bei abgelaufenen Schlüsseln am besten die von der API ausgegebenen Fehlermeldungen erfasst werden.Die API gibt dann jeweils eine Fehlermeldung, einen Code und einen Untercode in einem JSON-Body mit Erläuterungen zum Fehler zurück.Should work on access tokens that have been invalided if you know their user id, and they haven't revoked privileges to your app.First, you can verify that you still have have the permissions you need by calling using this url: https://graph.facebook.com/user ID/permissions?

This may be because the user changed the password since the time the session was created or may be due to a system error." It's possible for your access token to become invalid for a variety of reasons (expiry time passed, user changed password, user deauthorized your app, user logged out of Facebook, etc.).

This means that your facebook user account has failed a security checkpoint and needs to log in at https:// https://m.to correct the issue.

I am using java and the purpose of my demo application is simple: Update user status. I got the auth dialog, facebook lead to the callback url and I got the code in my callback page. I recently dealt with exactly this problem: everything matched, but it failed with the OAuth Exception. I had the same problem and tried the above suggestions.

There seem to be a lot of questions about why your token would have expired so quickly. Here are a number of scenarios I have found which cause this: There is the obvious one; the user changed his password. Also, if you have some pages in your system with the same administrator, calling often refreshes ALL of the tokens for the pages this user administrates.

That means if you are connecting a new page for a user with existing pages, you will need to update the existing page tokens with the new ones provided by .

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