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While the house originally attracted us with it’s potential curb appeal, the yard was very overgrown and dated (pretty much like the interior) when we moved in.If I had to sum it up, I would say it was overwhelming for our season of life with a growing family.The cozy living room: living is allowed Many people are...Who says that the gray wall paint is boring, unimaginative and can not be combined? Color of the sea but also of the sky, the blue is present all around us. The Industrial Style is currently experiencing a boom and is focusing on the things that make for a house that is...There are so many different shades of gray that haunt great colors with other colors. Symbol of wisdom, serenity and dreams, this soothing color is one of the French favorites. The kitchen is the focal point of the apartment for many people. With a subsequent balcony extension, many tenants meet the desire from their own balcony. An unfinished house with not plastered walls and visible metal struts in the wall? Two months of 2019 are already in the past and with March / April the weather will soon begin to warm up.However, to enjoy your stay in the kitchen, a practical and attractive interior is very important. But since high costs can arise, it is important to calculate realistically. That is to say that the renovation season is approaching slowly and it is necessary to prepare,...

I am attaching photo of our exterior located on small lake and am looking for ideas for updating.

Please help with ideas on shakes, siding, and colors.

The bottom front of home is painted brick (we didn't do it, bought it this way).

There were large mulched islands filled with giant 120 foot pine trees that swayed terrifyingly in strong winds.

There were dozens of overgrown shrubs that we didn’t even know how to begin maintaining. We had a large yard in our previous home, but it was very simple- there were some lovely flowering shrubs and borders, but it was manageable.

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