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This mode of transit is largely used by the lowest paid workers.

Similarly, coaches can be a good way of travelling long distance, such as journeys to Sohar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Guys, as you probably have found out, a dreary job in an office or in the desert, driving a Prado or a Jeep Wrangler won’t cut it against a Ferrari, a big bowl of Andean happy powder and a house the size of a small hotel. Muscat Confidential can give all you single guys a huge hint.

Instead, it looks to locals to occupy most middle management positions, some senior management positions and even many low-paying jobs: fishermen, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, bank clerks.Buying alcohol in Oman can be complicated and costly.As it’s a Muslim country, licences are required to buy booze from an off-licence shop, and the price of this piece of paperwork is set according to how much one intends to buy each month.The market has eased considerably since its peak, and now accommodation prices are coming down – like elsewhere in the Middle East.There are a lot of new homes being built, and expats will be able to find a place that fits their budget, mood and style. Utilities, such as water, gas and electricity, are generally excluded in the quoted rental price. Rent in Oman is paid annually in advance, rather than monthly.

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However, as comprehensive as these contracts seem, there are always unforeseen costs.

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