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Each volume starts with a thematic section, describing the world at these seven chronological periods.

First volume was published in English in 1994 (English:1994, Routledge/ UNESCO Publishing; French: 2000, EDICEF / Éditions UNESCO).

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Alexander Ghushchayan 5 Khandjian Street - Yerevan Tel:(374-2)52 23 93/52 25 33 TURKEY ANKARA ECOLE CHARLES DE GAULLE Charles de Gaulle - Ambassade de France 70, Paris Caddesi - Kavaklidere 06 692 Ankara - Turquie secrétariat du lycée et collège: [email protected] tel : 90 312 491 72 25 Fax : 90 312 491 72 26 ORHAN DENGIZ ANADOLU LISESI [email protected] HISTORY This section was supposed to be called "World History" Marco Polo Spaces You will find maps Silkroads Cultural Area Cities Routes Maps Travelers Marco Polo Ennin Classrom Links to Maps A map within China.

It is located about 70-80 km southwest of modern Ankara (capital of Turkey), in the immediate vicinity of Polatlı district.

At that time, the Enlightment was indeed making groundbreaking progress, advances that would influence the whole world until the present (Industrial revolution, political revolutions, rule of law)is history taught to children along the silk roads silk road silkroads silkroads cultural area teaching history high school asia indonesia japan china korea uzbekistan switzerland Lausanne gymnase du bugnon This page is the storage room of former closed until further notice Hereunder, you can find former content of COMMUNITY GLOBAL HISTORY (see new GLOBAL HISTORY) SURVEY REALMS OF EXCHANGE ROUTES HISTORICAL (ITINERARY EAST-WEST) (see ROUTES INSTITUTIONS TRAVELERS: ONE TRAVEL, ONE NAME (see new ITINERARIES) ENNIN JIKAKU DAISHI MARCO POLO LINKS READING ROOM, ALL TITLES, BIBLIOGRAPHY (see UP-TO-DATE "REFERENCES") ALL ADDRESSES ALPHABETICAL ORDER TRAVEL AND CITY GUIDES This web site is aiming at constructing and applying the notion of "Silk Roads cultural world area".

MP's spirit Innumerable roads, routes and itineraries crisscross the silk roads cultural area.

Also in charge of training middle school history teachers.

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