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* Another request was to be able to quickly access the documentation, so now there are links to the HTML versions of the help and keyboard shortcuts documents from the start menu.We appreciate all your help in moving AMIS towards a stable release.y NHO5pjp4t XW1LTV19r Y2KHe4 Tix8ba2ODOy ZPh0Ojtk LC4d Lhl Nn Y2N3nr9z N1Ojcn Nr T2u XO2d Xf1sj Zl9z M2OOW6c He2MXO4cr S3s XY2NDhj7v Mwu Lnke XGyubf4e Tey MK00Nv Izd Ghzu Pc7offppmen5GVq5ilo Q== Already a member of Desktopdating?Visit the below URL to prevent further reminders of this invitation We now have support for double-byte characters in the file path.* Text does not get clipped at the edge of the window when switching views or applying page styles.You will find everything you need on the beta testing guidelines page: Testing This includes instructions on creating a bugzilla account, filing bug reports, getting sample titles, and some important notes.

Thanks Marisa De Meglio DAISY for All Project This email is sponsored by: Microsoft Defy all challenges. _______________________________________________ Amis-users mailing list [email protected] Dear Marisa: I am interested in being involved.There would be two files: a user guide and list of keyboard shortcuts. Marisa De Meglio Software Developer, DAISY Consortium Jul 23, 2008, at PM, Chris Castley wrote: Good morning I would like to know if the help/manual is available as a text or Word file please.I installed AMIS yesterday and I would feel more comfortable reading the help file with JAWS in my word processor if Please look at the notes that come with the scripts to see how to use them.I believe you can read text-only books if you use the Jaws scripts.

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