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As before, if your teeth fit properly or are permanently fixed in place, you shouldn’t have to worry about them moving around when you kiss.

If you do it when you feel totally at ease, kissing with dentures shouldn’t be a concern.

I am 52 years old, tall and thin and dont consider myself unattractive... There actually are dating sites for seniors...not toothless seniors. The way I look at it is this..someone thinks its gross or doesn't want to date you cuz you wear dentures then they are noy worth my time. And I am glad your dentures make you feel less "unattractive".

BUT..that i have dentures, well i feel less unattractive. Hi Everyone , I'm Wayne, I was always brushed my teeth twice a day or more and used paper clips as a tooth pic even brushed my gums hard never any bleeding like most would get , lost two from bad crown and another from another bad crown, cavity went from poorly fitting crown inside in the gum to another tooth also smoking and soda are a cause, i quit smoking 11 years ago, I'm 54 almost suicidal , but i work on it you might say , being single sucks , I'm in Los Angeles, north of city in the desert on 2 acres , retired house paid for and set for life, still single I'm angry, but stopped thinking of suicide as a cousin had a pulmonary embolism he died at 46 in Sep, my mom just passed Nov , so I'm up for living, so there should be a site for people who wear dentures, I'm now thinking full implants , I wish you all the best, Erin your beautiful .

A person who would never is likely to be superficial in general.

If you’ve already formed the impression that they are superficial, you will also have already decided if you want to date that type of person.

It’s impossible to guarantee that your date won’t know you have false teeth.

You are the same age as my significant other of 14 years ( I am 45 and wear dentures). I was so self conscious about my natural teeth (or lack thereof) that I hated to smile. I think that if someone is that judgmental, they are not worth your time or you affections. My teeth were awful before and my husband is glad to see me smile again.If your teeth don’t fit well, there are things you can do to help.There are plenty of denture fixatives on the market which will hold teeth in place.If you’re concerned about these matters, why not suggest a first date which involves none of them?On the other hand, why not just make sure your teeth are held in place properly, and don’t choose anything from the menu that would cause you a problem when you eat it.

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Ok Cupid and Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) are now in my “ category. They are both overrun with catfishers and scammers. I even had one of my 3-month relationships with a guy I met on Ok Cupid.

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  1. If these so-called relationship guru's had actually tried to find Mr. Right online, they would have realized what a bad idea it was and never suggested it in the first place.

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