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But while he subscribes to the old-fashioned idea that you should draw attention to yourself subtly, “without being seen to do so”, he points out that this does not mean he suffers from self-doubt, low self-esteem or lack of confidence.And that people who make these assumptions are very much mistaken.And I suppose that is the time when you start noticing how take a thing in the real world or phenomenon and turn it into a joke. I suppose that is when those patterns in my brain were being laid down.” At Cambridge he pretty much abandoned his degree in history and threw himself into drinking and Footlights, the drama club that spawned Monty Python and much of the crème de la crème of British comedy.It was here that his life really began, and here that he would meet the people who would form his tight circle of lifelong friends and colleagues.But after a few dates she had emailed him and kindly explained that, even though she felt strongly about him, the timing was wrong. “I hate conflict – I’d rather nod and smile and then bitch behind people’s backs,” he admits several times in .Her father, the satirist Alan Coren, had just died (her brother is food critic Giles Coren), and she had met somebody else, though she didn’t know what would come of it. Being self-deprecating, emotionally inarticulate, self-conscious and buttoned up has been the cornerstone of his comic persona.Coming from the theatre, Mitchell writes, “I didn’t mind the idea of working in the evenings, maybe of rehearsing in the afternoons, but mornings, I felt, should be the preserve of sleep, tea and paracetamol.” Mitchell’s memoir has an interesting structure.

Mitchell’s only paid work was as an usher at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, dodging train fares to get there and spending his meagre earnings on beer and snacks.

“I reckon,” wrote Mitchell, “Australia will be where the active, outdoorsy T.

rexes, who can take a lungful of air without spluttering, will make their final stand – before surrendering to the weeds’ wobbling army of mobility-scootered multiscreeners, on the condition that we show them how to reboot their wi-fi.” Still the art of the perfect column is fraught with anxiety.

He and Webb took their two-man shows to the Edinburgh Fringe every year, which led to writing work.

They discovered the television industry was basically made up of aimless meetings that gave them false hope.

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He grew up in Oxford but his parents were lecturers in hotel management at the local polytechnic who “scrimped and saved” to send him to the “minor public school” Abingdon.

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