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His goal is to call attention to the perils of ocean pollution and to suggest a solution: waste as a resource.To this end, he had decided that his boat should be made entirely of recyclable plastics, produce its own energy, and generate no noxious emissions.Inspired, in part, by Thor Heyerdahl’s Pacific crossing in 1947, on a raft called the Kon-Tiki, de Rothschild called his project Plastiki.

For a month, the group had been constructing a prototype for a sixty-foot “bottle boat,” which de Rothschild and a small crew plan to sail across the Pacific Ocean, from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia.Inside each bottle was some dry-ice powder, which had turned into gas and expanded, pressurizing the bottle.Rose’s female worker, a Swedish college student, had spent three days with a couple of helpers putting dry ice into nearly six thousand bottles.Storms, sharks, isolation, injury, and illness are standard hazards for anyone attempting a Pacific crossing by sailboat, but de Rothschild is proposing to do it in an experimental craft made from materials that have never been tested against ocean waves.He plans to bring an electronic position-indicating radio beacon and radios that can provide up to forty-eight hours’ advance warning of approaching cyclones.

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Rose, an Australian in his fifties who had been hired as the boat’s builder, replied that he and his workers were having a “bugger of a time” trying to prevent the bottles from shifting under the nylon fishing net.

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