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Once you reach the point where you just take it for granted that you will continue to see each other, then you're not just dating anymore, you're in a relationship.

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If you have been seeing a girl for a couple months, and it is getting more serious (she has met your parents, friends, you have tv shows you watch together etc.).you make the transition into titled relationship or just let it take its course and not title it? One night while lying in bed, I looked at her and asked "do you want to be together, like actual boyfriend/girlfriend? I would not assume anything, shouldn't be too hard to discuss something with the one person you want to be with though.

I'd say it becomes a 'relationship' when you stop having to wonder after each date if they're going to call you back for another one. If this is how I am looking at it, then i guess we are in a relationship. We talk daily to check in and he refers to us as, well, "us" and "We".

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