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I am writing a series of guides on how to use the online dating site Colombian Cupid to meet hot Colombian women.In this guide, you will learn about the capital city, Bogotá, and how to date a Colombian.The monthly price is lower for longer membership terms. In my experience, it’s comparable to buying the Google stock at a penny and selling it for 0.In other words, the return on investment (ROI) is high.We all know the reputation of hot Colombian Women – sensuous, fiery, curvy and gorgeous.

The beauty of using Colombian Cupid is that women feel comfortable using it.

When they respond, be upfront if you do not speak Spanish. This should only be used after talking for a few days and confirming she is interested in you.

Below are examples of where I used it to get the attention of girls who ignored me.

The current exchange rate is 3000 Colombian Pesos to 1 American Dollar.

When I first arrived in May, it was 2200 pesos to 1 American Dollar. By using, you can find affordable accommodations in high-end condos or apartments.

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