Dating uk sculpture angela bellshaw

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This vast piece will go across the expanse of the cathedral from the east end window.

The translucence of the glass fabric within the artwork is consciously combined with the...

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Andy first became interested in Angela at the DMI launch party, where he stole an ice sculpture to impress her.

Andipa Gallery has joined with Southwark Cathedral to bring a major installation of Angela Glajcar for the duration of Lent.

Her work shows during CODA Paper Art Terforation 2017-016, a new 3.40m high sculpture and 4.50m long hanging on the ceiling.

With her work, Glajcar explores the possibilities of creating a three-dimensional image from two-dimensional parts. Angela Glajcar, born in 1970 in Mainz, Germany is internationally renowned for her three-dimensional paper sculptures and installations.

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