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I proud myself in being a millennial dating coach which means I know what it’s like to date in the modern world with swiping, ghosting and friends with benefits relationships.

So do I think you should be exclusive before you have sex? The first thing you can do is understand that men look for sex and find love.

He’ll take you out to dinner, take you to a comedy show or a picnic.

If the spark isn’t there, or maybe I’m just not feelin’ it, I will decline your invite to come home with you. I’m trying to kick it with someone who is as confident as I am. To Rome: Know that I still regret not having sex with you when I had the chance.

And the quickest way to get this to do the opposite of what you want is by applying pressure: When I say no, and am met with “Wahhh, c’mon just for one drink,” I physically recoil. I’m a grown-ass woman, I know what I want and when I want it. If you think I don’t have standards, then I feel bad for you. For a brief moment, I was drinking the Kool-Aid, chemically flavored with all sorts of sexism that told me when I should have sex. I’m not a better person for it, and even though we didn’t end up dating, I’m still so fuckin’ curious about how you are in the sack.

The fact that it’s old school doesn’t make it bad advice and the perfect number of how many dates you should go on before you sleep with someone will be different for everyone.

I would say it’s a good rule of thumb to wait until you’re exclusive if you want to play it really safe.

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