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Not too important either since learning where someone actually lives is much more important.You’ll waste a lot of time on this app for these reasons. But on a positive note, its one of the easier dating app I’ve tried in other ways.Empowered by social media and galvanized by national conversations around privacy, integrity and the #Me Too movement, the activism fueling changes in the church represents a cultural shift among Latter-day Saints, said Patrick Mason, the chairman of Mormon studies at Claremont Graduate University.“This is a generation that feels that their voices matter, and they’re not always going to defer to authority,” said Mr. “They’re getting wins in the broader culture, and we’re seeing L. Draughon, 24, kept her concerns about the honor code quiet until she had left school, but now her Honor Code Stories account on Instagram has attracted more than 34,000 followers and generated nearly 200 tales of punishment meted out by the office charged with enforcing the code. That’s not the culture you need at a religious university.”Every student at Brigham Young must sign the school’s honor code to enroll in classes.“Nobody talks about the Honor Code Office on campus because they’re terrified,” Ms. The morality contract prohibits — and punishes — violations that include immodest attire, premarital sexual activity, beards, and the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and coffee. But they also said the system ought to be more forgiving.Another student said she overdosed on pills after she was punished for revealing she had been sexually assaulted.A gay student said he was asked explicit questions about his sexuality and sentenced to nine months probation after he spent the night at a woman’s apartment. Draughon said an Honor Code Office investigator called while she was in Atlanta visiting her family for the holidays.Swiping is easy, the few photos are large and easy to see, and the format is easy to read.

Support for change extends beyond campus and into the broader Mormon community.On Instagram, students and graduates have shared stories of being suspended or expelled for violations such as kissing a date good night or wearing a two-piece swimsuit.One young man, according to his sibling, killed himself less than two months after he was expelled on grounds that he had engaged in sexual acts with a former girlfriend.Many students defended the code itself and said it’s one of the reasons they decided to attend B. Carri Jenkins, a university spokeswoman, said the school was aware of the honor code discussions online.“These messages are leading to constructive dialogue between students and the leadership of the Honor Code Office,” she said in an emailed statement.

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