Dating royal crown cola bottles

Soda trays are another from of advertising and were used to serve soft drinks at soda fountains, diners and neighborhood centers.

Most soda trays were circular, rectangular or oval and usually around 10 to 14 inches in size.

Rare memorabilia from popular brands and companies that made soda for a short time can generate the most value. the worth of the soda relics depend on condition, the brand, location, date, and how rare and unique it is.

Claud Hatcher of Columbus, Georgia, sold a lot of Coca-Cola through his grocery business and felt he was entitled to a discount.Chero-Cola’s ads stressed that the drink was only sold in bottles, focusing on “uniformity of flavor” and “certainty of cleanliness.” Even after 1915 when W. Black of Conyers purchased the Madison operation, the sanitary nature of Chero-Cola’s operation continued to be a selling point.So much so that the company held National Chero-Cola Day on April 18, 1917 when all their bottling plants throughout the United States hosted an open house.Here in Madison, each visitor was greeted with a pretty fan, a booklet, a flag lapel pin, and a bottle of Chero-Cola.Attendees were shown how bottles were soaked in salt water, washed, and rinsed by machinery insuring no foreign substance could get in the bottled product. Black purchased the lot next to Godfrey’s in 1919 planning to build a 40 x 140 brick building for a new bottling plant. Beam doubled the capacity of the plant within a couple of months. By 1920, the plant was filling 1,200,000 bottles annually. With little explanation, a December 30, 1921 article announced the sale of all the bottles, crates and machinery of the local Chero-Cola plant. The national company was facing difficulty as well.

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