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The significantly smaller error for the Artic Bay Formaion (Right) is due to a fully constrained initial 87Sr/86Sr ratio (y-intercept).Acknowlegements: This work is supported by the Australian Research Council, University of Adelaide, Northern Territory Geological Survey, University of Wollongong, University of South Australia, Czech Academy of Sciences, Santos and Origin Energy.Here we use igneous geochemistry to calculate the temperature of sill emplacement and develop a thermal model to ascertain the thermal effect on the surrounding country rocks. Concordia diagram for zircons extracted from dolerite sill which intrudes the Bessie Creek Sandstone in Altree 2. Of the six single zircon analyses, five grains yielded a 207 206 Pb/ Pb weighted average of 1313.8±1 Ma (MSWD = 0.49). Schematic North–South cross section for the Beetaloo Basin.Geographic extent of the Derim Derim sills is limited to the northern section and may have played a role in the thermal maturity of the Kyalla and Velkerri hydrocarbon plays.Consequently, age determinations are largely limited to: • Detrital zircon geochronology, which only provide maximum depositional ages, and; • Cross cutting relationships with igneous rocks in which deposition can be well constrained by U–Pb zircon ages. Schematic of the internal componnets of the Agilent QQQ–ICP–MS.The reaction cell sandwiched between two quadropoles allows mass 67 to be isolated (e.g.(4) Limitations and future work: Currently small errors are only achieved when coeval seawater 87 86 Sr/ Sr is known.The acquistion of a multi-collecting QQQ will remove this limitation through higher precis87 86 sion Sr/ Sr analyses.

meaning of marking additional point in the boundary of a surface. the special case of the annulus, we find two points in the circle). from ea Olya Stoilova, Scientific Secretary, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences .... which European regions can use to identify and develop their competitive ad- ...

The Tribunal finds the Claimant’s reasons to wait to apply and the fact it took it upon himself to determine when that would be may have been good reasons not to apply, however they are not in accordance with the jurisprudence and are not considered good cause.

He stated he contacted Service Canada to confirm that the monies would be allocated based on his normal weekly earnings and to file when the severance ended which he calculated this period to be around the end of June.

The Claimant’s wife is severely disabled and requires multiple medications.

She became seriously ill in 2013 and received troubling test results that also affected the Claimant’s state of mind.

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