Dating on the dark side

Yet like most things in life, nothing good comes easy.

There is a dark side to all “the selling points” dating apps offer.(Which may or may not make you reconsider going “old school” in the long run.)For those looking for the “real deal”, here’s the reality to every selling point dating apps have to offer: While dating apps are a gateway to connecting with a wide variety of people, our options aren’t unlimited.

In other words: Dating apps allow us to become the lazy bachelors/bachelorettes of the online world.

Minimal effort for a High Return on Investment (ROI). If you’re looking for a fling, your thumbs are in good use.

They delude us into thinking we can flout life’s reality — the truth that some things require hard work and there are no guarantees we’ll find romantic love.”- Jonathan Warner The time and energy we exert into dating apps won’t always give us the ROI we desire most.

After all, it’s delusional to think we can take “the fast line” into finding a quality partner.

Dating apps are like our favourite guilty pleasures: we know they’re bad for us, yet we can’t stay away from them.

We complain about them, share our bad experiences over drinks with our closest friends.

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