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"He rode a motorbike and was just into other stuff from his friends …

I guess he wasn't ready to be an adult, but the relationship was good." Sarah, 41, from the Netherlands met Pete, 26, in France when she was just 16.

She's looking for a successful and generous gentleman.

Bette Davis once said that getting old is not for sissies.

On the flip side, some men may feel they aren’t suited to the lifestyles of others their age so want to enjoy life with someone younger who has similar interests." At the age of 26, Kat, now 32, dated a guy 10 years her senior, for three years.

Not only are there statistically fewer men, but the dynamic of human engagement, and style of personal connection, has changed dramatically since we were dating in our 20’s.

If they're younger, you half your age then add seven, but if they're older, you subtract seven from your age and double the number.

For example, this is the social rule for a 40 year old International dating site has an Australian arm and is specifically for women looking for an older guy, or for men seeking a younger woman.

"He was shocked that I was 16 and he wasn't into my age but he was into me.

I don't think he would have necessarily gone there if he'd known my age beforehand." Young women are hotter, in better shape, in the sexual experimentation phase of life, have way less baggage (emotional), way fewer expectations, have WAY FEWER partners, cost WAY less, and love with an open heart."Another user says: "A couple of weeks ago I was at some dinner date.

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