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Read more Today, there are just as many Christian marriages on the rocks as there are marriages on the rocks among couples who don't claim to be believers in Jesus. Let us explore many issues that are hardly ever tackled from a biblical perspective.

The Beauty of Staying Together by Vanessa Winters will not only entertain you, this literary work will cause couples and marriage counselors alike to rethink many opinions and viewpoints on Christian help for troubled marriages.

Others are being dissuaded from accepting any advice to be open to interracial dating, which could possibly be the answer to finding the saved mate for which they are seeking.

What does the Bible say on the question; and should Black Christian singles be even more open to dating people of other ethnicities?

You will not only learn the destructive force that low self-esteem in women can be, and in the lives of young battered Christian wives, you'll also explore life-changing lessons that brought it all to an end. Read more Single Christians who love the Lord and will not compromise when it comes to obedience to his word tend to have an extremely difficult time finding their soul mate.

August 28, 2019—Angela Sheffield has drawn on her personal experience, as well as those of others, when it comes to having your heart broken.

The experiences of the characters are nothing short of those to which most of us can nod our understanding. ¿Es posible aplicar a mi vida algo de lo que dice la Biblia? En tal caso ¿puedo considerarme "buena persona" si los cumplo? Mature Christian singles, particularly those who have reached their forties and have never been married, are not like their younger counterparts. While encouraging words might be said to them, what practical advice can be offered that, if followed, might almost immediately give them hope?

But we invite you to learn how, without even studying ancient Hebrew, the King James Bible plainly exposes homosexuality for what it is in the Leviticus passage..abomination before God.

I’ve been faithful to my husband for 17 years, but I had the urge to feel this rush of adrenaline again, to seduce again…

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