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Originally, tatting used only one knot—the Lark’s head knot.It is made upon a running thread which forms a core inside the knot.Jumping to 1707, we find our next literary reference to knotting.Sir Charles Sedley wrote a poem, This is about Queen Mary, daughter of England’s James II, and her habit of taking her knotting everywhere she went. We must thrive Whilst thus the Royal Pair dost strive Both to advance your glory. One way could have been through marriages like Queen Mary.Since he comes from Italy, he may have had a lace-maker in his family or, at least, he knew a lace-maker. Next Nicholls speculates that the invention of tatting may have been simultaneous.Looking at the tatted rope, he discovers its decorative application. Perhaps, several seamen, in different ports of the world, saw a tatted rope and realized its possibilities.

Patterns were passed on to each new generation by word of mouth.I do agree with Nicholls that both macramé and tatting developed from knotting.But, it may be that macramé was not a required precursor to tatting. Its authors state that true tatting wasn’t around until approximately 1780s. At this point the origins of tatting get really murky.It is labeled “Remains of the Goths, Visigoths & Franks,” dated AD 200-800.It is unknown whether this shuttle was used for making nets or tatting, but some kind of knot making was going on.

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